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We at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and the University of Groningen (RUG), together with its collaborators, are proven world leaders in designing and developing infection resistant biomaterials.

Scientifically, we have excelled over the years and achieved many of our research goals. Now comes the challenge of fulfilling our societal responsibility to patients under the umbrella of a Biomaterials Development Center, integrating the unique scientific research and clinical practices Groningen has to offer.

The Biomaterials Development Center is a platform where academia and industry can partner. Guiding innovation at early stages of development and making strategic go/ no go decisions during development phases of biomaterials, we aim to ensure that innovation is not lost in translation, but efficiently transferred to solve clinical problems.
In Groningen we are proud of the transfer of knowledge between our academics and clinicians. However, now is the time to add the final piece of the puzzle and involve industry in achieving our goals and partner with us under the Biomaterials Development Center.

H.J. Busscher

Prof. Henk Busscher
Head of Department Biomedical engineering UMCG


Loss of body function is inevitably associated with ageing and often beyond natural repair. This is considered unacceptable in the 21th century.

A unique combination of assets

As imaging instrumentation at the UMCG is ever more available and increasingly more state of the art, both in preclinical (animal facility) and clinical settings, translation of tracer development to the clinic is becoming a very strong asset of the UMCG.

Changing the game

Reducing the validation costs for infection-resistant biomaterials in clinical trials is a major challenge for society, and something the BDC aims to resolve

The Offer

We invite major device or material companies to commit for 10 years


The University of Groningen is an internationally oriented university with 30,000 students. It is over 400 years old and is well known to be innovative and research-driven. It is rooted as the number-one knowledge hub for the Northern Netherlands.

Regional theme of Healthy Ageing

The UMCG is a city within a city: it is one of the largest hospitals in the World; located on the Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands. The Campus extends over an area of around 30 hectares and is the beating heart of the regional theme of Healthy Ageing.

Nothing tops Groningen

More than a decade of investment in high-speed internet, cable and digital communication systems, as well as the rapid adoption of state-of-the-art computer and cell phone technologies, have created an ideal base for companies seeking to take advantage of modern technology.

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